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Authority Overlay Review: drive and capture UNLIMITED LEADS to you from any website

Hi there and welcome to my Authority Overlay review. Today, I want to show you a tool that has helped me increase my sales and conversion called Authority Overlay.

As a website owner, you already know the pain and all the hard work it takes to be successful:

  • Write high quality (viral) content that gets shares
  • Promote your content to thousands/millions of visitors
  • Drive traffic to your content
  • Convert that content into exploring your list and sales

You take the time to curate content and write amazing articles. Otherwise, you get great info away to your readers and then only for it to fall flat.

Following all, your site is not an authority site. What if I were to let you know there is a way to enhance your clicks and interactivity metrics by robbing authority from top sites like CNN and BBC?

By adding your articles on top of specialist sites, you’re more likely to get increased diamond simply by their reputation rubbing off on you. Now links that you share get a raise, you see more clicks, and your articles are more likely to get shared.

Let’s check my Authority Overlay review below to see what it has inside to offer you and all other online marketers

Authority Overlay review

Authority Overlay Review – Product Summary

  • Creator: Gary Alach et al
  • Launch Date: Sep 3, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Official Site: Click Here
  • Official Price: $25
  • Recommend: 100% recommended
  • Customer Response: Fast

What is Authority Overlay?

Authority Overlay is a unique technology that allows anyone (WordPress or not) to leverage the power of authority sites to improve their marketing efforts. Through the use of short links, we’re able to embed our light box/ad code on top of sites like CNN, BBC, and others. This enables you to promote your products and services with the perceived authority of those major sites, increasing conversions and engagements dramatically. These lightboxes are totally flexible and can be simple banner ads, product ads, or even lead capture forms.

What You Get With This

Five POWERFUL types of Authority Overlay covering every type of use you could imagine:

  • Opt In Form
  • Countdown Timer
  • Call to Action
  • Content Suggestion
  • Custom

Amazingly powerful reporting that allows you to at-a-glance understand exactly how your overlays are performing.

  • Visit trends over time
  • Top visited links
  • Most popular referrers
  • Lead capture conversions
  • Visitor browsers
  • And so much more…

Even More Features:

  • Bookmarklet and Chrome extension for SUPER easy use (drag and drop to make your overlays!)
  • 10,000 clicks with conversion tracking per month
  • Create UNLIMITED links
  • 16 gorgeous pre-made templates in 4 categories
  • Integration With The Top Mailers

Why should you buy it?

Authority Overlay works so amazingly well because it solves both of the most common problems: Producing compelling/viral content AND establishing your own credibility.

Both of these together remove the objections users have to hop onto your offer or list and skyrocket your conversions.

It’s just that simple.

Becoming someone that is trusted is EXACTLY what you need to grab users, though. And even if you’re an amazing content writer, you don’t have the reach of a Forbes, CNN, Engadget, or other top sites. Simply put, you don’t have the credibility of appearing on one of those sites.

But…Authority Overlay Solves it All for You!

With this system, ANYONE is able to borrow authority, establish credibility, and create that conversion machine.

How Does Authority Overlay Work?

All You Need is 57 Seconds to Get Started

  • Step 1: Pick the page to overlay
  • Step 2: Select the type of overlay
  • Step 3: Add your text
  • Step 4: Copy and paste a link

Watch the video demo below

Authority Overlay review – The PROs

  • One time pricing vs $30/month for this launch
  • Overlays every single top web site that we’ve tested.
  • Eliminates hours and hours of working to get leads
  • Many, many different overlay options
  • Built by a leader in the SEO space

My opinion about Authority Overlay

This system is good overall. There is no service out right now that provides a service exactly like Authority Overlay. This unique service is so powerful that you’re going to be amazed at how you can borrow authority from top sites.

Authority Overlay Review – Conclusion

To sum my Authority Overlay review up quickly, I suggest this service to all of the online marketers and website owners. It’s smart and profitable investments. Gary is offering this system at the lifetime price of only $24.95. This is only a Limited Time Offer in just 5 days of the product launch. After this initial launch is over, it’s switching over to the monthly subscription model. So if you want to get the license to this system, you should get it right now to get the best price!

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