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Backlink Rhino Review: Hijack Top Quality Authority Links For Unlimited Traffic

Hi there, I’m here with great news for anyone that’s ever struggled to get traffic to their money offers, sites or videos.

Matt Garrett – a niche marketer for over 20 years, has seen it ALL when it comes to traffic:

  • Google slaps, penalties & updates that take sites from #1 in search to invisible
  • The rise & fall of various social networks
  • The RIDICULOUS increase in paid advertising costs
  • Audiences that are almost completely blind to ads & offers across the board

Most free & paid traffic options take control out of your hands. You’re dealing with ad networks, forum moderators and of course competition. End of the day, you’re doing backflips hoping someone ELSE will send traffic for you.

Learning this the hard way, Matt Garrett sets out to create tools to automate his business and take control of his traffic. His award-winning software – NicheReaper and VidReaper – are being used by thousands of people to drive profits …

And they KEEP WORKING because they use the one source of ULTIMATELY dependable traffic: Google.

The websites that show up on the first page of Google, they make friends with authority websites Google already knows, likes and trusts. So, they have a much better chance of making friends with Google and getting all the traffic.

Wikipedia is Google’s best friend because it does all the things Google loves. The content is regularly updated by millions of users. The links go to genuine and highly relevant pages.

So Wikipedia controls an UNFAIR amount of search traffic … and now you can get your hands on that traffic yourself. Just One Backlink From Wikipedia Can Mean Insane Amounts Of Google Traffic.

To Get Backlinks And STEAL TRAFFIC From Wikipedia, You have 4 options:

  • You manually search Wikipedia for linking opportunities by keyword. This takes HOURS to find just 1 or 2
  • You pay an SEO service to uncover these backlinks for you. You’ll pay between $50 to $100 PER linking opportunity … if the service can find relevant links to the page you want to rank for
  • You use a shady tool that promises to set up backlinks to your offers … but often, you’ll get nothing but a bunch of dead links to your page. The best you can hope for is that Google won’t slap your sites right off the search results

OR, You access this BRAND NEW software that INSTANTLY reveals targeted linking opportunities for ANY keyword you choose and get both an instant and long-term boost in free search traffic

Backlink Rhino review

Backlink Rhino Review – Product Summary

  • Creator: Matt Garrett
  • Launch Time: June 29, 2017, at 11:00 EST
  • Product type: Software
  • Official site: Backlink Rhino Site
  • Official price: $97
  • Skill level required: No requirement
  • Recommended: 100% recommended

What exactly is Backlink Rhino?

Backlink Rhino is the SOLUTION to your traffic problems, allow ANYONE to easily drive buyer traffic to their sites and offers. By leveraging Wikipedia directly, the software gets you all the targeted traffic you’ll ever need without paid ads and without headaches

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Key Features of Backlink Rhino

Dead Links Search For COMPLETE Niche Domination

Backlink Rhino’s “Dead Links” search feature puts all the power of Wikipedia traffic at your fingertips. It finds expired domains in Wikipedia articles, that you can register yourself. These domains ALREADY have powerful Wikipedia links pointing to them.

Just put content relevant to the original Wikipedia article on a page …Then link out to your RELATED offers, posts, videos … even lead pages! You’ll get authority traffic straight from Wikipedia, that then gets funneled to your monetized sites.

  • Perfect way to dominate your own niche.
  • Easy way to set up non-stop traffic flows for clients … and earn monthly recurring income
  • Simple flipping opportunity for windfall profits: the domains you register are already getting targeted traffic, so you can set up basic sites on these and sell for a HUGE ROI

Citation Links Search For A QUICK & POWERFUL Traffic Boost

Citation links are WikiPedia’s call for help. Answer the call, and get rewarded with a DIRECT link to your own site.

Backlink Rhino finds these opportunities for you – again, in seconds with just a simple keyword search, provide some basic information, put in on a page and watch the traffic come in!

  • Direct link from Wiki to YOUR site for a massive boost in ranking & free traffic
  • Build authority in your niche instantly by providing the answers people are searching for
  • Enjoy both fast and LONG TERM traffic with this feature
  • RANK ON DEMAND for any keyword you choose!

DOUBLE The Speed And Staying Power Of Your Traffic

Each of the powerful search functions in Backlink Rhino can improve your ranking and free traffic.

The dead links search lets you exploit expired domains, so you can send visitors to any related web property.

The citation links search is a “quick and dirty” (but deadly effective) way to drive traffic to a specific page.

Use either one for great results … or COMBINE BOTH to maximize your Google traffic to any of your web properties.


  • Cloud-based, 24/7 “always -on” access: nothing to install or download, works on any platform
  • Instant and up-to-date results: unlike some software is promising “real” backlink opportunities, Backlink Rhino guarantees them. It connects directly to WikiPedia’s API, so every result is live and up-to-date.
  • No wasted time chasing links that don’t turn into traffic
  • Clean, user-friendly dashboard. Login and choose either a dead links or citation links search. Then enter your keyword and traffic opportunities fill the page
  • Everything you need in ONE place. For every result, you’ll be able to access the relevant Wiki article, view the search term snippet, see the anchor text and even view the linked domain … ALL from inside the dash

How Does Backlink Rhino Work?

This Tool Lets You Cash In THREE Different Ways:

  • Use the software to send traffic to your own monetized sites, offers & videos
  • Drive traffic for your clients and charge either per-campaign or monthly
  • Make quick windfall profits flipping domains – Backlink Rhino finds the best opportunities FOR you

Backlink Rhino Review Conclusion

To sum my Backlink Rhino review up quickly, I suggest this software to all of online marketers and business owners. It’s a smart and profitable investment. Matt Garrett is offering this system at the subscription price of only $97.

This Is A Limited Offer. The Price Will MORE Than Double Once This Launch Expires

Buy Backlink Rhino

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