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How To Claim Premium Bonus?

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It is very simple to claim your bonus when you buy products

  • Clear Your cookies in your Web Browser
  • Complete your order and select Bonuses package
  • Contact me via this link to claim your bonuses package.
  • Wait for less than 24 hours to get your bonus, no questions asked.
  • You will get pages for downloading all of bonuses.

Bonus #1: Recurring Video Profits ($550)

See how a former janitor became an experienced Udemy Instructor and generates $50-$100 each month in passive hands-off income by only working once.

See how to make money over and over again every month – all without a website, without an email list, and without recruiting affiliates.

Recurring Video Profits – The “Secret” video course that will help you create a recurring monthly income by only putting in the work once.

Here’s What You Get With Recurring Video Profits

Bonus #2: Yoast Basic SEO training ($199)

You want to develop your own SEO strategy and be able to optimize your own website? This online Basic SEO training will teach you the fundamentals of SEO! It will give you lots of practical tips so you can immediately start to improve any website!

What will you receive?

  • Access to the 5 modules of the Yoast Basic SEO training
  • Access to the training videos and quizzes of the Basic SEO training
  • Two eBooks (PDFs of Content SEO and SEO for WordPress)
  • A Yoast Basic SEO Certificate

What you learn in the Basic SEO training

The training consist of 5 modules, covering the most important aspects of holistic SEO.

1. Introduction to SEO
It starts with the very basics: how do search engines work? The first module of the Basic SEO training will give you a proper understanding of search engines crawl the web and how web pages are ranked. This knowledge will help you understand the topics of the following modules.

2. Keyword Research & Site Structure
Keyword research is a very important part of your SEO strategy. This module teaches you how to execute your own keyword research. Besides that, we’ll explain the importance of a good site structure and provide tips to enhance the structure of your own site.

3. Technical SEO
As this course doesn’t focus on coding we won’t dive in too deep into the technical side of SEO. However, some technical knowledge is indispensable when it comes to SEO. We’ll focus on the principles of crawlability and findability. Also, we’ll talk about the importance of site speed and teach you how to improve that.

4. SEO copywriting
If you want to rank you’ll need high-quality content. What defines high-quality content? The fourth module of the Basic SEO training teaches you how to write attractive copy, so your visitors will love to read your posts and page content.

5. Usability & Conversion
Learn why UX and Conversion are important for SEO. We’ll teach you the basics of Usability, and give you the tools to start with your own conversion research and A/B testing.

6. Yoast updates
In this module, Joost talks you through the latest changes in SEO, WordPress and our plugins. We’ll update you every 3 to 4 months. This way, your knowledge will always be up to date!

Bonus #3: Membership Mechanics 2.0 ($159)

Membership Mechanics 2.0 Is The Ultimate Crash-Course On Wildly Profitable Online Business!

It provides tools, resources, and know-how to build full-time income business online.

It will generate enough income to completely support your dream lifestyle.

What to expect when you get your hands on it:

  • Module #1 – Membership Mechanics 2.0 Quick Start (worth $19.95): This module completely breaks down the Membership Mechanics process, so you can set your expectations and move forward with confidence and ease.
  • Module #2 – Membership Mechanics 2.0 Big Picture (worth $19.95): In this module, you are going to discover why MM 2.0 membership sites are so profitable and why you must integrate them in your business regardless of the niche or what you are selling.
  • Module #3 – Value-Based Marketing – What It Means And How It Works (worth $19.95): This is all about profits. Here you will discover why so many marketers struggle to get people to open their emails and buy from them. After this module, you will become a profit generation machine.
  • Module #4 – Your Own Sales Machine – Freemium Offer (worth $19.95): This module explains in great detail the most effective and lucrative money making method online. I like to refer to this as the sales funnel that will turn your website visitors into buyers over and over again.
  • Module #5 – Your Own Sales Machine – Premium Offer (worth $19.95): This is where you will learn how to build an offer that allows you to instantly make more money from every subscriber that enters into your sales funnel.
  • Module #6 – Your Own Sales Machine – Your Product Sales (worth $19.95): Got your own product? Perfect. This module will show you how to scale your income by adding the sales machine in your current sales flow.
  • Module #7 – Your Sales Machine Setup (worth $19.95): This module explains the set up of your own sales machine, so you can start to profit from this today. Your customers will be so impressed with your site that they’ll never want to spend money anywhere else.
  • Module #8 – Your First Steps To Profits (worth $19.95): Regardless whether you have an opt-in box on your site, or you don’t, this module completely breaks down the online learning curve, which means you can hit the ground running towards life-changing online income.